Bond Trust is able to provide trust formation and administration services, company formation and administration services, provision of directors, management and accounting services and registered and family office facilities. Bond Trust is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and benefits from a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. Our experienced directors and relationship managers, including lawyers and accountants, ensure that trust and company formation and administration is dealt with by experienced professionals.

Because of its close links with Bois Bois Lawyers, Bond Trust ensures a continuity of service at director level. The strong relationships we have built within the banking and investment sectors ensure that we can deal with and assist with additional services where required.

The wide experience of the directors of Bond Trust enables it to manage, control, own and/or administer a variety of assets including residential and commercial property, aircraft, biotech business and intellectual property and, where appropriate, we can provide family office facilities.

Beneficiaries and shareholders can expect to receive a personal and professional service where real value is added to the management of structures and assets through the experience of Bond Trust's professional team.

Trust formation and administration

Whether a wholly discretionary, purpose, fixed interest, charitable or other trust, whether formed under the laws of Jersey or elsewhere, we have the expertise to create an appropriate structure to fit particular needs, whether orientated toward family or business. We provide book-keeping and accounting services in-house and actively manage relationships.

Company formation and administration

Companies can be formed in any jurisdiction necessary to best meet purpose. Standard administration services include the provision of directors, registered office book-keeping and maintenance of statutory records.

Directors, Officers and Registered Office

As part of our company administration services we provide directors, corporate secretarial services and nominee shareholders. Where companies are administered by Bond Trust we provide registered office facilities for Jersey registered companies.

Legal Advice

Bond Trust is closely allied with the law firm of Bois Bois. Bois Bois can provide advice and opinions in relation to Jersey law where required.